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We featured the toasty RadiantX mitts in our 2022 Winter Buyer’s Guide. “Nobody wants cold hands, but skiing in an overstuffed gauntlet can feel like playing the piano with claws,” wrote tester Dave Cox. “Enter the waterproof RadiantX, which has an interior aluminum coating that reflects body heat with…

Outside contributor Svati Kirsten Narula included the Agravic Pro TR in her Winter Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best women’s running gear of 2022. “This stretchy, three-layer ­waterproof shell offers the perfect mix of protection and breathability for rainy or snowy sessions,” she wrote.

Don’t let falling temperatures keep you from getting your sweat on. Thin merino wool, like the kind used in the Chase beanie, is ideal for arduous winter activities, wicking moisture to help you stay dry and warm. We featured it in our 2019 Winter Buyer’s Guide.

How do we decide which snowboards earn coveted slots in our Winter Buyer’s Guide? Take a virtual tram lap with a few of our Utah testers.

These are the products worth snagging at REI’s Holiday Warm Up Sale, which lasts now through December 20.

Our testers gave these products their stamp of approval

We included the Avant in our Winter Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best tailgating gear of 2022. “This jacket’s synthetic fill ­replicates the warmth-to-weight ratio of real feathers,” our tester wrote. “It’s also 75 percent recycled, and it kept us warm down to 15 degrees but weighs just over…

We featured the Recon LT beacon in our Winter Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best snow safety gear. “The device’s ergonomic shape and low-profile harness make it comfortable to wear and easy to forget about until you need it, and the advertised 50-meter range held up during tests in…

“This clever pack is padded, to safeguard electronics, and has separate compartments for clean and dirty gear,” wrote Buyer’s Guide tester Melissa McGibbon. “The back straps are made of comfy closed-cell foam, and the Praxus (and women’s Proxy) fits in an overhead bin.”…

“The Ranger is one of those rare pieces of gear that can go from the bunny slope to backcountry hot laps, and from T-shirt weather to blizzard conditions, without compromise,” wrote Outside’s Gear Guy, Joe Jackson, in our 2022 Winter Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best new bibs and…

We gave the Prime a Gear of the Year award in our 2022 Winter Buyer’s Guide. The lens tint “punches up colors across the spectrum while retaining a natural balance with enhanced contrast and depth. The resulting view is truly amazing,” wrote our tester. “We also love the featherweight…

“For stop-and-go activities in the alpine, the K3-Dasche is your steadfast companion,” wrote gear director Will Taylor in our 2022 Winter Buyer’s Guide. “Fully recycled synthetic insulation in the torso and arms keeps you warm where you need it, while thin four-way-stretch soft shell everywhere else dumps heat.”…

40-plus testers spent four months testing the latest, greatest winter gear on ski hills, backcountry routes, and trails, and in our own home gyms and backyards

The Altus MIPS won a Gear of the Year award in our 2021 Winter Buyer’s Guide: “Testers wore the Altus for multiple self-powered laps up southern Oregon’s Mount Ashland on a 50-degree afternoon, never wanted to take it off, and came away with dry hair,” we wrote.

This sleeping pad was our top choice for winter camping in our 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide. Our tester spent a week in Wyoming’s high country with the Trail Boss and confirmed it’s one of the warmest and toughest pads out there. It’s built with heat-reflecting PrimaLoft Silver insulation wrapped…

We featured the Force Dry DX in our 2019 Winter Buyer’s Guide page of the best gear care tools. “Slide your boots over the tubes, set the timer, and wake up to warm, moisture-free gear. Works with gloves, too,” wrote our tester.

These were the warmest gloves in our 2021 Winter Buyer’s Guide test. “The Carbide deploys a Gore-Tex membrane beneath supple goat leather on the palm and back of the hand, and has a long cinchable cuff with an adjustable wristband to keep snow out,” wrote tester Dave Cox. Read the…

On the slopes, you want your feet warm but not suffocated. That’s the thinking behind these socks, and it’s why we included them in our Winter Buyer’s Guide lineup. “The PhD Ski Ultra Light offers a snug, barely-there fit, but the nylon-merino-elastane-polyester blend still kept our toes warm,” our…

These kicks were one of our favorite pairs in the 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide. The paraffin-treated cotton upper and flannel lining is made to keep cold weather out of your soles. “The Vibram Megagrip outsole and reinforced leather accents make this vintage-inspired hiker even more winter-ready,” our tester wrote.

In our 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best flannel shirts, the super soft Flare Gun Stretch was a fan favorite. Our testers found themselves wanting to wear it a few days in a row—so they did.

This headlamp was our top pick for running in our 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide because of its five lighting modes. We did note the Halo Fire is bulkier than other designs, but the straps cinch tightly to your head to avoid too much bounce.

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