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The new iPhone is an even better camera for people who want to adventure outside

In a controversial move, the secretary of the interior recently decreed that motorized bikes should be allowed anywhere that standard bikes are permitted. How this will work is still being sorted out, but the world of pedal-assist riding is about to really open up.

The LQ139 has everything I need and nothing I don't

NASA picked the Omega Speedmaster for the Apollo missions. It can surely handle your weekend adventures.

We got our hands on the Cake Kalk electric dirt bike for a test on the forest roads outside our hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico

After years of empty promises, hydration-tracking wearables are finally close to hitting the market

The company claims it has made a more waterproof, more breathable jacket. We took it ski touring to put those specs to the test.

These utility bikes might just be a viable option for replacing our cars (at least some of the time)

New tweaks mean they're easier to use at work and on the trail

The canceled all-women space walk had the space administration facing claims of sexism. But the real issue is not a lack of women-specific designs; it's suits that don't fit the wide range of people who need to wear them.

It's a question of safety numbers versus safety in numbers

Going zero waste is hard, but these easy changes to how you eat, drink, and store food will make a big difference

Simple rules for keeping your timepiece ticking

Stress-corrosion cracking associated with the Future Shock system puts riders at risk, says the bike maker, which issued a full recall of certain models last week

From an everyday-carry knife to a luxury electric scooter, these are the campaigns that have us most excited this month

And what it could mean for the future of footwear

How do you design something for a user whose only feedback is incessant tail wagging?

A solid budget-minded option, so long as you can tolerate the infuriating keyboard

A designer's quest to make the world's greatest piece of cutlery tells us a lot about the tireless creators of our favorite things

Lots of big brands are shifting toward more sustainable gear, without harmful PFCs. But for the industry as a whole, change is slow.

Timepieces to keep you on track

Finally, wires are a thing of the past

Devices that do the thinking, analyzing, and recovery for you

Forget brightly colored plastic holds. In the future, we'll climb realistic 3D-printed rocks.

The International Trade Commission passed a restriction on the import of products that infringe upon patents for Nite Ize's popular Steelie family of dashboard electronics mounts

In March, Under Armour announced that the accounts of more than 150 million MyFitnessPal users had been compromised. What does that mean for the rest of the workout app industry?

The first rule of cast iron? Relax.

Need to power an LED TV for 18 hours? There's a battery pack for that.

Travel, be more productive, get the right degree, and customize your career

After extensive testing and interviews, I've found that some of the company's two-way messenger devices can inadvertently call search and rescue teams

Ultra runners and backpackers, take note: this tool offers unmatched performance for the price

What's the point in owning something if you're not going to make the most of it?

From mountain bike-inspired prosthetics to couch skiing, Americans are using the latest advances to maximize their output

Supporting your local gear companies doesn't have to break the bank

Seventeen products that made this bike season better than any before

According to the guy who designs some of our favorites

There's a dearth of high-performance, heavy duty work gear out there. Patagonia and glove-maker Tougher are trying to change that.

The tech giant’s latest foray into the fitness market: make exercise machines smarter

A new generation of bio-inspired prototypes are poised to join search and rescue workers on the front lines

The rise of automatic shifting, integrated computers, lights, power meters, and radar has made us wonder: How much is too much?

Nadine Marchal and her loom have made everything from sandals to climbing rope more stylish

Most gear evolves step by step. With this stuff, it’s by leaps and bounds.

The next phase of FKT-worthy custom gear puts consumers in the design chair

We talked to design maverick Thomas Meyerhoffer about the importance of always exploring. Then we had him speak with four other visionaries building an ingenious new world.

MIT research scientist Hugh Herr lost both legs below the knee after a 1982 winter climbing ordeal. In less than a year, he hacked his prosthetics to allow him to climb again, and he went on to become one of the world’s leading innovators in the field. Author Todd Balf, who lost partial use of his legs after a spinal-cord injury, gets a front-row seat as Herr and his MIT colleagues plot their next big act—new science and technology to end a slate of disabling conditions.

Eight exceptional new timepieces

Go faster, train smarter.

This pocket knife is designed like a samurai sword

The new SPIN technology inside POC's 2017/18 helmets could have a significant impact on skiers in coming years

A new building standard has your health and fitness in mind

For decades, hydrogen has been considered the next big fuel source for vehicles. It’s taking time to gain traction, but hydrogen might very well be the future.

The action-cam maker says it's fixed the problem that had some Karmas suddenly plunging to the ground

Think of MuscleSound as a fuel gauge for your body that helps optimize your diet and training plan

The Flir Duo captures thermal images so rescuers can locate hikers, skiers, or anyone else who might have gotten stranded outside at night

The new Ellipse comes with a whole suit of smart anti-theft and safety features

This coffee table is almost too beautiful to use.

For exercising with music, wire-free headphones are the holy grail. But are Apple's AirPods the closest to perfection? We tested half a dozen of its competitors to find out.

Is this design going to revolutionize footwear? We’re not sure yet.

The recently upgraded tool makes glacier retreat and deforestation easy to visualize

The recall is a PR nightmare. The question is: How badly will it hurt the company?

Six months, two trips to Thailand, and flirtations with madness have produced possibly the most forgettable fork ever

It could be the key to making the industry more sustainable, but it's also (unsurprisingly) difficult to convince manufacturers to share their R&D finds. Which is where Patagonia comes in.

Here's how to build the perfect tiny home

Power sources small enough for you to carry that run on solar, fire, or water are heavy and don't produce enough electricity to warrant schlepping into the backcountry

6 tools our editors rely on while traveling

A concrete tiny house that snaps together like Legos

Your flask is ugly compared to this handcrafted beauty

It's not incredibly lightweight, packable, or durable, but all this stuff will serve you just fine in the outdoors and doesn't cost a small fortune

Every wallet should double as a multitool

The updated communications tool creates a network for people to send and receive messages without cell service. But its success is entirely dependent on how many people buy into it.

They now make tiny houses that pop up like tents

LVL, from BSX Technologies, is a wearable for hydration tracking. It'll tell you how much to drink, and when.

At the intersection of modernity and sustainability, the 'Summit Haus' is home for climbers Taylor Rees and Renan Ozturk.

All the products released Monday move the action-camera market forward. Could GoPro have gone even further? Sure. But the new Hero5 Black is the best POV camera to date, and the drone one of the most capable we've ever flown.

These neuron-stimulating Halo Sport headphones are said to boost athletic performance

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