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With a new smart drivetrain concept, the Japanese component manufacturer unveils electronic shifting for mountain bikes.

Travel to the best slopes of Switzerland in style—a newly crowdfunded sleep-in bus will take you there

New Healthkit app displays live fitness data, connects doctors and patients in real-time

The City Cottage steals design elements from ships, making it one of the most efficient cabins we've ever seen.

Three entrepreneurs envision a future of shared outdoor equipment. And while the project is barely off the ground, their idea could change how we buy and sell gear.

Electronic suspension for mountain bikes might sound excessively complicated, but Magura’s wireless system is quick, light, and impressively simple.

Cooks the tastiest steak, cleans the grimiest skin

Athletes keep breaking records, but improved fitness is only part of the equation. So before we start congratulating ourselves, let’s take a look at the tech that’s made us faster—and the next records our gear will allow us to break.

The avalanche of data generated by fitness tech has science zeroing in on some surprising performance recommendations.

I could care less about luggage-sorting robots or Facebook kiosks. But high-tech bells and whistles that actually elevate my hotel stay? Yes, please. Be sure to book the following forward-looking lodgings whose amenities go well beyond the usual gimmickry.  Stanford Court San Francisco Hotel | (Ted…

Yes, 29ers can turn just fine. No, 26ers aren’t alive and well. Now would everyone please just pick your favorite bike, shut up, and ride?

Before you go off the grid camping and hiking, tap the latest apps that will help you plan your trip, your trails, and where to pitch your tent. Even if you don’t have service, many of these apps will remain handy. AllTrails | (AllTrails, Inc.) A catalog of hiking…

With the launch of Strava Metro, the Bay Area-based online fitness company hopes to become an advocate for its users.

Gone are the days of lugging around travel tomes with dog-eared pages. In the digital era, all that info is jammed in a Smartphone-size package. And sure, you can still download entire guidebooks in app form—such as Fodor’s City Guides or Rick Steves’ audio tours—but those…

To help Mom relax, recharge, and get ready for whatever’s next, whether it’s your bucket-list trek—or hers.

With a world record on the line, determining the winner of the Billabong XXL "Biggest Wave" award turned into one of the toughest judgment calls in big wave surfing's history.

GPS locator SPOT launched in 2007—and has already notched 3,000 rescues

From ultrathin condoms to high-tech women's skis, the world's strongest and lightest material has almost limitless possibilities. But the real breakthroughs so far have come in the world of sports.

Own an Alaskan landmark

From terminator-style cycling shades to earphones that track your every move, wearable technology promises to change the way we train. But I had to ask, is it wearable?

There's a group of people who believe that in a world of extreme natural disasters, being ready for any catastrophe is more than just a precaution. It’s practical. 

That fancy exfoliating wash cream you just dropped a bundle on? It may be full of "microbeads" and mucking up some major waterways.

The most wholesome flip-flops in the world?

A medium-fast fly rod that's affordable and good looking

There's a rod here for everyone, from the expert angler to the one just getting his toes wet.

Mountains Plus helps usher in new era of digital currency

This fitness tracker could change everything—as long as the company marketing it actually exists.

The computer company plans to revolutionize how we work out, and it has the hardware (or at least the patents) to prove it.

The popular fitness app gets (even more) social.

An extremely sophisticated, somewhat mystical process that will surprise you

Seven products in your shed that are going extinct.

Get ready to hit the road—and document your adventure.

Questionable use of wearable cams is causing a surge in accidents

The gear that's changing the way we work out.

This land photographer ocean tested Sony’s RX-100 II and the GoPro Hero 3+. His tips on which camera to use—and how to visually record your watery adventure.

The team behind Google Street View is going off-road, and they're turning to you for help

You don’t need a resort to bound through the snow

Seven modern watches that are as classically handsome as they are adventure-worthy

Easy gear upgrades to get you race-ready without mortgaging the house

You don't need a fancy kit to make it to the finish line.

Time to chuck the ab-blaster and sell the ellipti-trainer. All you need for your ultimate home fitness center are these key essentials.

Whether you’re running or skiing, learn the optimal combination of cold-weather gear with our guide to winter layering

Recharge dead batteries off the grid with these portable power plants

Sledding grows up—almost

A little perspective on the Strava phenomenon

Is the new Dimond Bike just a buffed-up version of an old cult classic, a truly groundbreaking superbike, or both?

No matter how strange or far-off your destination, a bicycle can connect you in strange and inspiring ways

For travelers and adventurers, this cross between a road bike and an ATV might just be the perfect all-in-one solution.

The 411 for planning your ski trip around the weather

If you’re in the market for a do-it-all mountain bike, the hardtail Trek Stache is less expensive than a comparable full-suspension model and, for the most part, keeps up just fine.

Juicing is the biggest thing to happen to endurance sports since interval training. Time to hop on the bandwagon.

Looking for a little inspiration for your next ride? Look no further than cyclist, triathlete, and double amputee Hector Picard.

The best emergency rescue apps for the wild smartphone user

Whether you think e-mountain bikes are a godsend or an abomination, as companies like Currie Tech prepare to roll out whole lines of electric-assist trail rides for 2014, it’s clear the debate is upon us.

Clothing that’s purpose-built for serious outdoor activities has been migrating to the city for several years now.

A closer look at how air bags increase your chances of surviving a deadly slide

It’s not too late to reboot your career. Just ask David Lang, who bounced back from a layoff by launching a thriving underwater-exploration startup in a matter of months.

6 steps to elevate your game

Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting slower. Not with a leg up from the frontiers of science.

Don't touch that wild water until you've used at least one of these methods

Keep and build a real audience with these simple tips

A camera can capture things the human eye can't—including star trails.

Hack your way to comfort in the great outdoors

The best way to keep your water supply squeaky clean

This titanium-body chronograph is the smallest, sharpest-looking personal beacon we’ve seen.

The outdoors can be deadly if you're unprepared. But these gear items will help you make it home alive—even if everything else goes wrong.

Next-gen satellite phones make it easier than ever to stay connected

Hiking is a gloriously simple activity, but that doesn't mean that there isn't room for improvement. These five products, including waterproof cell phones and rescue-ready drones, could make you look at backpacking in a different light.

Can guidebook companies survive in the digital age? We take a look and try some new alternatives

Flying a kite may be child’s play. But done right it can be serious, no-holds-barred child’s play.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, but be sure to bring it along.

Escaping the easy way with summer’s coolest new ride, the M8 Rivoli

Not everybody can get behind screaming, flourescent shades. That's OK. This year's crossover designs pair subdued styling with hotshot performance.

A first look at four major upgrades for your campsite

Fitness tech to measure your effort, keep you motivated, and let you know when to go hard and when to back off.

Finally, a waterproof gadget fit for an outdoorsman

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