Design and Tech


Engineers futz with things for a ­reason: that’s how breakthroughs happen. And as these 29 products demonstrate, there’s never been a better time to mess around.

The new Watch is a more sophisticated fitness tracker than its predecessor, with GPS, waterproofing, and a sleek, fast operating system

Hiking a marathon a day in Yosemite with the pro photographer to launch Fitbit's newest fitness challenge

An expert look at the most feasible—and nuttiest—submissions

The video of a recent hiking encounter offers a glimpse into the future for outdoor enthusiasts, and it's a little creepy

The next evolution of topographic maps will be 3-D interactives that show how rivers change and landscapes erode with centimeter precision

A portable keg that keeps your beer bubbly

Currently under construction in Ridgway, Colorado

Beautiful and efficient, it's a good excuse to downsize

Across the map, companies large and small are putting out quality gear crafted stateside with pride

The most noteworthy, cringe-worthy items of all time, in all their weird glory

New apps make editing your action footage easier than ever

GoPro Care covers you for two years

A recyclable tiny house made from cardboard

It'll hold eight cards, cash, and there's even a bottle opener

Companies are making digital devices that not only track your steps but also up your style game

Moonlight lets you build collaborative gear checklists, provides important campsite info, and even includes built-in ghost stories

And Charles Lindbergh’s grandson thinks he’s found a quieter way to fly

The material is ultra tough, durable, and lightweight, and it may be the future of outdoor apparel if Patagonia and a California startup have their way

Nancy Ford's Repair Lair in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has repaired thousands of products, giving everything from bike shoes to sleeping bags a new life.

Practice your airs, then go inside for hot cocoa

From fresh cut firewood to a stocked fridge, Getaway covers all the bases in advance so that guests can focus solely on escaping the daily grind.

Good looking and totally customizable

84 Lumber, the largest privately held supplier of building materials in the United States, is officially stepping into the tiny-house market

We dunked, abused, and submerged the LifeProof FRE case. Our iPhone stayed bone-dry the whole time.

A lunchbox that comes with an app to help you eat better

For those who enjoy good java in tough-to-get-to places

The most eco-friendly camper we’ve seen

Ditch the musty, ramshackle log house and stay in this exquisitely located architectural gem

The newest way to capture your exploits in high-def, 360-degree video

The only commitment required on your part: a reservation

Sleek, nearly indestructible, and theft-proof

Your dog can now have his own Airstream

An electric speedboat made for hosting dinner parties

Crush competitors on Zwift and answer emails, all at the same time

Beartooth, a small device that pairs to your phone, allows you to talk to other users within a two-mile range

The perfect getaway for mountain bikers and skiers alike

An undersized version of the American dream comes to life in Texas

Racing’s governing body restricts innovation to create a safe, level playing field for competitors. Does that mean your bike has been dumbed down?

Thirty-six powerful fans will keep you off the ground for up to 12 minutes

As big-wave surfers push bounderies, a new breed of high-tech PFDs has emerged

Yes, eventually, you'll basically have an electronic tattoo

An off-the-grid structure in New Mexico that snaps to together like a set of Legos

This device takes the hard work out of homebrew

A simple, affordable tiny home in Belgium

Our continued fascination with the highest mountain on earth spawns a virtual reality “experience”

Tiny houses just keep getting better

The e-camper features some innovative tech, but it lacks the soul of the Vanagon and the Microbus

A special line of hand-crafted boards to celebrate the iconic resort’s birthday

It’ll chew up sand dunes and four-wheel-drive roads, then get your kids safely to school

Things that make our lives easier might also be hurting us. A new class of tough designs saves the day.

It’s powered by an electric motor, but still drives like a Porsche

Our reviewer dissects the claims behind the newest crop of super clothing for the gym to find the products that actually work

A fully customizable home you can restructure at any time

Got a drone for Christmas? Cinderblocks, freezers, and sub-zero temperatures are just a few of the obstacles it might have encountered before ending up under the tree.

Pro big-mountain extreme skier Lexi DuPont has a 500-square-foot geodesic dome—complete with wooden shingles, a cow skull, and riverside hot springs.

Everything from basic bump protection to bomber cases designed to keep your Watch safe from rocks, dirt, and water

Zach Caldwell is Vermont's homegrown ski whisperer, with the ability to almost magically divine a board's properties. Here's how he does it.

Last week, Google announced it will make its maps available offline. We tested the new feature in New York and South Africa—and found the service works brilliantly.

The first full-length mountain film to be shot entirely in 4K is no gimmick: it's a game changer for high-action, small-budget productions

The FAA task force released its drone-registration recommendations Monday. Every small UAV weighing more than half a pound must be registered with the agency, but the process to do so seems downright reasonable.

The 23-year-old inventor on upgradable smart jackets, Zero UI, and why the Apple Watch isn’t the future of wearables

The death of the cutting-edge shoe is the story of a fiercely competitive running landscape and it raises the question: Can new brands enter—and survive—in today’s market?

After trying goTenna on the streets of Brooklyn, we’re convinced the Snickers-sized device is the future of off-the-grid communication and a game changer for international travelers

The coolest zero-carbon home we've ever seen