Find out how your state stacks up

A new Outdoor Industry Association report details outdoor rec spending by congressional district. Lawmakers should take note.

She started working at Alta when tickets cost $6.50 a pop. Now, as she prepares to retire, she leaves behind a legacy that spans four decades.

Kaitlyn Boyle smashed the women's record for the AZT300, while Kurt Refsnider reclaimed the record for the 760-mile AZTR

It's no surprise that travel nursing makes for a great occupation if you like adventure.

'Your Winters Need You' highlights skier Caroline Gleich’s relationship with the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

Is it a shame we need them? Yes. But it's the only way to protect parents who want their kids to grow up independent and brave.

The clothing company has, once again, come out against the Trump Administration for its handling of public lands

Utah State and other colleges offer students the chance to get a step ahead in the outdoor industry

Ryan Zinke is using parts of an Obama administration–era idea that would've drastically changed the DOI. Now it's causing him trouble.

Internal documents suggest Utah and federal officials failed to take into account Native concerns and input as they downsized the national monument

While political and legal battles rage over the future of our national monuments, one of the most important things you can do is go see them—and then share your experiences widely. Here are some of our favorite adventures. 

At USU, students in the country’s first program for gear designers aren’t just learning how to sew a bestselling jacket. They’re being groomed to lead the industry’s next big political and environmental fights.

The parent company owns outdoor brands like CamelBak and Giro, as well as Savage Arms, a manufacturer of AR-15-style semi-automatic rifles

From filmmaker Justin Clifton and Chris Cresci, A Line In The Sand is an animated video which illustrates the value and power of public lands.

The decorated skier talks productivity and good habits as he prepares to defend his gold medal in Pyeongchang and enters his 12th year running his eyewear company

Shrinking the national monuments was just the tip of the iceberg

Companies focused on resource extraction now have access to huge chunks of the former national monument

From OARS and the Sierra Club, Return From Desolation follows war veteran Garrett Eaton’s quest to conquer PTSD.

A new poll of eight Western states reveals that most people are actually on the same page about public lands, renewable energy, and the importance of outdoor recreation

From filmmaker Kevin Winzeler and ENVE Composites, The Whole Enchilada follows rider Luke Strobel as he descends the 8,000 feet of vertical on the infamous trail.

Matt Thomas was a world-class kayaker who got paralyzed in a mountain-bike accident. His friend Joe Jackson moved in for a demanding stint as a caregiver. Outdoor sports were off the table, of course—until Thomas heard about paragliding.

From filmmaker Dan Ransom, One Trick Pony features Steve Ramras who is as versed a canyoneer as they come. But the kicker is, that’s the only outdoor activity he does.

EnergyNet, an online auction company from Amarillo, Texas, is set to make a fortune from oil and gas leases under the Trump administration. And good luck finding a way to protest.

As governor, Mitt Romney was an environmental champion. Presidential candidate Romney, however, fell in line with the GOP. What kind of Utah senator would he be if he succeeds Orrin Hatch?

From the Utah Avalanche Center To Hell in a Heartbeat follows three friends on a day in the backcountry when things go horribly wrong.

Part of the former monument could be designated Wilderness—and you have a say

Steph Davis is an accomplished climber and BASE jumper, so on a climbing outing north of Moab, she combined both skills and made this short video. 

The intensifying war between Republicans and Patagonia could now move to Capitol Hill—exactly where the outdoor industry could make the most impact

The Story of Place from The Grand Canyon Trust follows filmmaker Ace Kvale, writer Craig Childs, and Zuni tribe member Jim Enote. They’re on a journey to help elucidate this region’s cultural significance in order to protect it from resource extraction. 

The charities suing the Trump administration to save Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments—and how you can help

The GOP tax-reform package will save companies billions. But it likely came at the cost of Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and ANWR.

By slashing the Utah monuments without listening to the sovereign indigenous voices, the secretary of the interior regressed to a time when the feds oppressed and disrespected the tribes

The outdoor industry has been a fierce advocate for the now-decimated national monument—but it may have been too little, too late

The fight over Utah's Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments is just getting started

Get ready for lawsuits. The five tribal nations that supported the formation of the monument say they will respond with legal action and continued collaboration.

Sure, it's early season, but book these mid- and late-winter vacations now and you'll save big

On Friday, the President told Senator Orrin Hatch that he planned to downsize two Utah national monuments. Here's why nothing's likely to happen soon.

Skip the overpriced food from the concessioner and check out these local restaurants instead

The end goal: stop the environment from getting in the way of oil and gas extraction

We're starting a Facebook group where it's safe to dig deep into politics

Change comes for everybody, including a group of adventurous friends who’ve convened for years to climb, swap stories, and hoist a few. These days, their founder is grappling with incurable cancer. On a happier note, their decision to open the doors a little wider has given the gathering a fresh, life-affirming spirit.

When Mountain Biker Jeff Kendall-Weed needs an escape from his home in Bellingham, he finds an oasis in the deserts of Hurricane, Utah.

The Oregon-based drinkware company is branching out with its gear offerings

American cowboy or posturing Trump enforcer?

Get far into the wilderness in as little time as possible

Mountain bikes were made for this: 450 miles of empty, achingly scenic backcountry in southern Utah, on little-known trails pieced together in the spirit of Edward Abbey. Our writer saddles up to get lost.

Congressman Rob Bishop of Utah wants to transfer federal land to the states, gut the Endangered Species Act, and eliminate the Antiquities Act—and D.C. is starting to listen

Recently released public comments from Utah residents show an overwhelming majority—88 percent—support preserving the monument's status

Make the most of summer with these 48-hour ­adventures, from surfing in Texas to tasting your way through Oregon’s wine country

After searching far and wide for a pinnacle project, he found a cave in southern Utah and bolted a route called Bone Tomahawk.

Unplugging Lake Powell is a beautiful dream, but it would hurt the river more than it would help

The folks at Bivy documented a recent trip to Bears Ears and produced this film, 'Bears Ears Is a Place, Not an Opinion.'

Eric Porter has lived in Utah for 12 years now and in that time he's developed a few favorite trails like the Thunder Mountain Trail. However, for this trip with Kurt Gensheimer, they decided to connect this favorite trail with a few they'd never ridden before.

The Department of the Interior is soliciting public input on the 27 monuments Trump ordered to review. Now’s your chance to speak up about what happens to them.

The long-term impact of the president's first 100 days could destroy an industry with more jobs than oil and gas and automotive combined. Yep, you guessed it: outdoor rec.

For the past five years, I’ve been working on a personal project to ski all 90 lines listed in Andrew McLean’s The Chuting Gallery, a skiing-climbing guidebook for Utah’s Wasatch Range. To my knowledge, I am the fourth person and first woman to complete the project.

Trail maps of your favorite mountains to hang on your wall.

Go ride a bike in one of these five up-and-coming singletrack meccas

Six athletically inclined people—regular folks with regular jobs, just like you—divulge how much money they spend on their fitness routines

Each March, Outside and Backcountry team up to test next season’s backcountry skis, boots, and bindings, the best of which end up in each magazine’s winter Buyer’s Guide

Couples who ski together stay together, right? But even if neither of you will ever click into a pair of bindings, you can learn from these eight dating tips.

Outdoor brands are becoming a politically active force. Now that the battle for Outdoor Retailer is over, what's next? We spoke with a dozen industry leaders to find out what battles are shaping up.

The company is urging thousands of Utah voters to call the state's governor in support of the new monument

Trump's order to review the national-monument designations of the past 21 years seems to be the first concrete intimation of rolling back the protections all together

A new bill before Congress aims to protect the Wasatch mountains from further development while accommodating different uses

'Wild Women of the Wasatch' is a series that shows women of all backgrounds finding happiness in the mountains.

Salomon TV: The Canyon follows the two runners into the endless playground of canyons and rock and makes the rest of us jealous that we don't live in Utah.

Utah-based Mountain Hub is out to crowdsource backcountry safety

At the intersection of modernity and sustainability, the 'Summit Haus' is home for climbers Taylor Rees and Renan Ozturk.

If you’re going to endure a trail-running race, you may as well do it someplace beautiful

Twelve years after disappearing on a hike in western China, David Sneddon is being held captive to teach English in North Korea, according to a Japanese news report

Fit in a last-minute camping trip at one of these iconic parks before summer ends

The places you'll never be able to afford and the ones so welcoming, you can move in tomorrow

Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah is an annual highline event held each Thanksgiving in Moab, Utah

'Our World Is a Beautiful Place' is a collection of photographer and filmmaker Michael Shainblum's favorite shots