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Sometimes you need to dig deep to hit those trouble areas, like your sciatic nerve. Pro-Tec makes three sizes of the Orb, all constructed of dense closed-cell EVA foam, but the Extreme Mini is the smallest and most aggressive of the lot. Place it on the floor or against a…

Runners have been big fans of these sticks for years, using them to roll out tight quads and calves after long runs. The center is slightly flexible, to allow the foam wrap to contour around your muscles for a wider massage. The whole thing is light, just 18 inches long,…

If you want a real postworkout stretch without having to ask a gym partner for help, this is your strap. The 58-inch-long elastic band has multiple large loops that you can slip a foot or hand through to get a deeper flex on sore hammies and quads.

Floyd’s of Leadville combines the proven muscle-soothing properties of arnica with the calming power of CBD in this balm. Rub the mixture on your skin after a workout, and let it do its thing. Peppermint and ginger lend a pleasant smell.

Researchers dig into the nitty-gritty of interval training, with insights of what, why, and how you should train for different goals

It's best to have everything you might need, even if you never have to use any of it

Work and play both stress the neck and shoulders. Here's how to recover.

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Including, but not limited to, films on taxidermists, Olympians, and one very scary night for a park ranger

As wacky recovery tech goes mainstream, science writer Christie Aschwanden explains what works and what doesn’t

For some climbing rangers in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park, every ridgeline holds the memory of a rescue, every peak a body bag. It's more than they can handle alone.

The flu is a serious illness. Take the time to recover, or you may miss a lot more running.

Your calf muscles are most likely a little weak and really tight. Here are our favorite stretches and exercises to take care of them.

Adopting a longer and more flexible training schedule can maximize each workout and reduce the risk of running injury.

In her new book, 'Good to Go,' science writer Christie Aschwanden breaks down popular myths about recovery

After giving up competitive running, cycling, and triathlon, I bought a farm in Tennessee. I didn’t know at the time how challenging—and life-affirming—growing my own food would be.

If Ryan Levinson fell in the water, there would be no easy way for him to swim to safety. But he decided to live on a sailboat anyway.

The little orca known as Scarlet is dead. Will her death be a turning point for the Northwest's endangered Southern Resident killer whales? Washington State governor Jay Inslee is proposing strong action.

More than half of all athletes will overdo it at least once in their running career. Use these tips to recognize subtle signs that you're approaching overtraining.

New research confirms that a week of hot tub sessions helps your body adapt to heat

Studies show jumping in the pool may be more effective than rest to help you bounce back between running workouts

Keep it simple. Consistency is key. Get out of your own way.

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Bequi Livingston found power and confidence in physical strength. Now she's teaching other women to do the same.

Nonprofit the Phoenix has a radical idea for those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions—get moving

We love this because of its unique design, which wraps a multi-density foam over a rigid, hollow core. During testing, we’ve found that the material gives a better, firmer massage than the cheap foam found on most rollers.

A new crop of CBD food is aimed directly at helping athletes—and it tastes good, too

Knee pain plagues athletes of all stripes. Here's how the experts handle it.

Sidelined? Here's a little advice from the pros on staying sane—and coming back stronger than ever.

We're kicking off a new fitness column by surfing legend Laird Hamilton. First up: his top tips for performing at your best.

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Testing 59 pairs of running socks, we ran everywhere from the French Alps to the sunny beach paths of California. Here’s what we found.

Veggie-based jerky, chocolate "milk," and gluten-free toaster pastries that still taste indulgent? Yes, please.

After a long summer in the sun, take care of your skin with these community favorites

Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky are back with a new cookbook filled with the recipes that fueled Flanagan's historic win at the New York City Marathon

Tim Conibear started a surf therapy program in Cape Town that's helping thousands of kids discover both surfing and a sense of community

Don't let the long days and warm temps lull you into complacency

Rarely will you find a fitness tip that is equally applicable to all areas of your life

You don’t train the same way every day. Here’s why you should periodize everything else, too.

‘In Constant Motion’ follows ultrarunner, Adam Campbell, as he returns to trail running after a life-threatening fall.

In one of the most complex caves in the world, a handful of divers raced against the clock to locate the stranded team

It's not just running. Two new studies confirm that weightlifting provides a similar boost to mental health.

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The pro runner suffered an injury in the middle of the Olympics. Here's how she plotted her comeback.

Summertime means our favorite foods are in season. Eat up.

While recovering from a terrible accident, the ultrarunner discovered a new part of her identity that went beyond her sport

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In other words, the season's most refreshing brews

Or at least that's the thinking among the elite athletes who are adopting treatments that were once considered fringe. A former EMT turned acupuncturist weighs in on the movement.

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The post-exercise recovery trend has produced mountains of new research. But can you trust the results?

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