New research supports what many runners do naturally, instead of the conventional wisdom that you should stay upright.

Maybe the debilitating effects of chronic overtraining syndrome are in your muscles after all, not your head or your hormones

There are important decisions to make before and after your recyclables leave your hands

Goods to take you from morning sun salutation to bedtime savasana

There are gentle massage tools, and then there’s the Beastie Ball, which is designed to dig deep into a specific trouble zone. Use it on the floor or with its base, which adds even more pressure. It’s great for big muscles, like the glutes or quads, which can be tough…

The internet is full of gizmos to help your body bounce back from training. These stand out.

The best documentaries from this year's film festivals look at quixotic quests and devastating disasters

The North Pacific right whale has been spotted only a handful of times in 60 years. A marine biologist from Seattle wants to change that.

Trigger Point makes some of our favorite recovery gear for helping tired muscles. The AcuCurve cane lets you massage those hard-to-reach areas on your shoulders and back. We especially like the pointed tip that works well for deep tissue.

We included this roller in our roundup of tools to build the ultimate recovery room. “The main bar is flexible, allowing you to wrap it around spent muscles for better relief and recovery,” we wrote. The STK Contour massager is best for rolling out your legs, sides, and shoulders.

On going back to the mountains after a traumatic accident

How to stay healthy—and maintain sanity—while you're social-distancing

For starters, there's hesitancy about the confluence of drug testing and unregulated products

Muscle soreness is part of the training process, but what you consume can reduce it.

Conventional wisdom on injury from running on hard surfaces like concrete or at fast speeds are typically untrue, but what role do they play?

After a long day on the slopes, your body deserves a little après of its own

Launched by Specialized CEO Mike Sinyard, Project New Day promotes the use of hallucinogens like mushrooms to treat addiction and PTSD

Expert advice to help you recover fast, stay injury-free, and have fun in the mountains

Personalized drinks and shakes are the latest innovation in the quest to boost performance

Even casual drinkers may get a few cravings as they go cold turkey. Here's how to beat them.

Heat training has been hyped as a powerful workout enhancer, but new research sounds a note of caution

If all you want is a solid foam roller that will help calm your lower back and legs after a tough workout, look no further than the Grid. It’s nothing fancy—just a hollow core wrapped in ridged EVA foam to release those tight muscles.

Why runners—starting in youth—should schedule peaks, breaks and variety into their running year.

Work hard, play hard—that's how many of us live today. But it turns out that our supercharged lives aren’t so great for us, and fitness experts and doctors are now emphasizing restorative practices and rest to improve performance and overall health.

He overcame addiction and workaholism to become an elite endurance athlete and star podcast host. As he sees it, it's never too late to start over on the path to a more balanced life.

Hyperice’s massage ball was one of our favorite pieces of running tech in our 2017 Summer Buyer’s Guide. This mini massage ball has the same three muscle-melting vibration settings as the regular version, but in a more travel-ready size. Pull it out after a long flight to relieve stiff…

A recently-released study confirms that there's no reason to suffer the discomfort of ice baths if your goal is recovery, as they reduce your body's ability to repair and build muscle.

This fun, easy method for recording how each workout feels can help you track training patterns, avoid overtraining, and reach your peak.

After a long day on the slopes, these 7 moves (which can be done at the bar) will help you recover and stay injury-free

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, has been touted as a miracle cure for sports injuries, but it may counteract the benefits of plain old rehab exercises

After months of training and 26.2 miles of racing, recovery should be your key concern.

After Kirstie Ennis lost her leg, she climbed some of the hardest mountains in the world. And she’s just getting started.

Knee pain plagues athletes of all stripes. Here are some of the best exercises to help mitigate and prevent chronic occurrences of it.

And new research shows it may be one reason why women tear their ACLs more often than men

A few athlete chefs share their favorite recipes for eating healthy—and hearty—when the cold settles in

At a conference on sports innovation, sleep scientist Charles Samuels cuts through the hype

10 exercises to make you strong, fast, and explosive on the hill

Last spring, Outside's features editor watched pro mountain biker Paul Basagoitia's documentary about the spinal-cord injury he sustained at Red Bull Rampage. Ahead of its HBO release this month, she and her partner viewed it again after their own life-altering experience.

If our brain gets worried that we’re running too hard, it shuts down muscle fibers. Here's how to reengage your mind and muscles.

What you need to treat blisters—and prevent them from happening in the first place

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Built for recovery, the OOahh Sport Flex sandals are perfect for walking neighborhoods, and will quickly become your new go-to post-activity shoe. The sandals absorb 37% more impact than traditional footwear to reduce stress on your feet and joints. Plus, the adjustable velcro upper and slide-on style makes for optimal…

A handful of new products are claiming they can. The jury's still out on whether they deliver enough of an edge to justify the agony.

Some key takeaways on hydration, power meters, recovery, and menstrual period tracking

The former downhill champ has had his fair share of spills—and he likes to show them off

Making your own delicious performance beverage is as cheap as it is easy

Flexible, strong hamstrings are happy hamstrings

Here's how to tell if you're getting enough of this essential, overlooked nutrient

The physiological and psychological responses to different types of interval workout depend on the details

The rest you take between repeats is as significant as the fast portions of an interval workout. Modifying the length and speed of your recoveries provides infinite training options.

Recovery runs actually don't help you recover—but they're still worth doing for their training benefits.

You have to work hard to build strength, but that doesn’t necessarily mean collapsing to the floor after each set

When it's too hot to cook, opt for refreshing salads, noodle bowls, and smoothies

What causes it and five exercises you can do for relief

The theory makes sense, but actually showing that “hyperoxic training” makes you faster remains a challenge

We have a lot of opinions about how to make the most of your pit stop, whether you're headed to or from an adventure

The world-champion obstacle course racer has had a 20-year history with anorexia. But now she's in the process of recovering, and she has some important lessons to share.

Race stories do more than entertain—they help assess what went well, what went wrong and what you can do better.

Late-night calories can boost recovery and set you up for an active day. Here, a nutritionist weighs in on athletes' favorite snacks.

Loosen up, already. These nine moves offer a full-body stretch designed specifically to offset running.

Falls happen. From skiing to bouldering, learn how to do it safely.

The mental side of soreness, the downside of ice baths, and the genetics of tendon injuries were hot topics at this year’s ACSM conference

You can't force your way to healthy habits

Including which work best in certain situations and what they'll cost you

From plantar fasciitis to blisters, these are the top causes of foot pain for runners

After a crash, skier Roy Tuscany created the foundation to support other athletes who'd suffered life-changing injuries

A broken femur and other injuries forecast a long and uncertain recovery

As you get older, setting goals—and reaching them—will look a little different

This technique might just revolutionize physical therapy

The real magic of much-hyped ketone supplements, according to Belgian scientists, is how they enhance recovery

Seven supremely capable shoes for the pavement

Stave off injury and get your body ready for what’s next

Top American marathoners share what they do after a big race so they can come back refreshed and enthusiastic for the next season.

With more participants in ultramarathons, more competitors are experiencing the joy of hallucinations and other ailments. Exile Medics steps into a newly necessary role.

How to fuel for an action-packed 24 hours

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