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After suffering a brutal accident while on a kite-skiing expedition expedition in Patagonia, Jim Harris’s painstaking recovery took a sudden leap forward when he had an experience with magic mushrooms

For a community of hardy souls in Maine, there’s no better way to feel fully alive in winter than immersing yourself in the frigid Atlantic

Figuring out how to get better sleep and more excise and is hard—which is why we tried out some new programs for you

Major League’s postseason is about to start. If you’re into the sport like I am, you know that, whichever team you pull for, following this game is a workout.

Spoiler alert: It’s not because you’re a wuss.

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Sports fans, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Make this season’s tailgates something to write home about with these tips.

While many sports are tightening restrictions on transgender athletes, these leagues went in the opposite direction

The Wigudun Galu Association celebrates the ancestral gender diversity of their Indigenous territory

Fitness comes and goes. Allow Glen Plake to make a case for prioritizing style—that elusive athletic skill that endures.

Can mindful running make you faster—or at least happier?

When COVID-19 hit, one Outside editor found solace in an unexpected hobby

As the number one female street skateboarder in the country, Duran hopes to inspire more people to try the sport

This year, three new adventure sports will make their debut in Tokyo. Prepare yourself for the action with these books, documentaries, and more.

When, how, and what to tune in for running, cycling, sport climbing, surfing, and more

Riding kit is expensive. Here’s how to keep it looking, smelling, and performing its best.

Thanks to these boots, hiking went from painful to pure bliss

Essential questions to ask during your doctor's visit, at every age

For serious training sessions that end in the ocean, any old bikini won’t do. Here are our favorite specialized sets.

New research sifts through the evidence to figure what types of intervals make you fastest

All types of athletes can benefit from quicker instincts

After 21 ultrarunners died in a trail race in May, the Chinese government responded dramatically, and many are worried about the future of the adventure sports boom that’s been taking place there

It's time to stop judging people for how they recreate outside

A special 30-day series celebrating nonprofits working for LGBTQ+ inclusivity

A new study tests how much cycling it takes to maximize cognitive function in endurance athletes

Whether you’re in it for the aesthetics or the superior airflow, there’s something here for everyone

Setting high goals is great, but how you deal with falling short determines how long you’re willing to keep chasing them

Ambreen Tariq’s new children’s book tells the story of an immigrant family’s first camping trip and expands the canon of outdoor literature for kids

It’s easy—maybe a bit too easy—to believe that poor sleep leaves you more vulnerable to injury. But researchers aren’t so sure after all.

The unexpected sports expertise of elite runners and why they value their other athletic pursuits.

The legendary skier anoints a successor, Breezy Johnson, to the title she held for years

Proposed laws in more than two dozen states seek to exclude transgender youth from interscholastic sports, depriving them of community and confidence-building skills

The nonprofit Skiku has brought nordic skiing to thousands of Native kids in Alaska, where access to the sport has historically been limited

Tallying which articles are most frequently cited in later studies reveals the biggest trends in sports science—and some oversights

Dialing in your nutrition when you’re on the couch can be hard, especially for an active person. Here’s what you need to know.

Winning races when you’re young may seem like a good predictor of future success, but it’s not perfect

American kids are less likely to play in a youth sports league than ever before. But as 2020's surge in outdoor activities showed, we have a huge opportunity to get this generation moving again.

Activity and sales data suggest that there are still more cyclists than ever before

A new study tries—and fails—to predict athletic greatness with a DNA test. Thank goodness.

In an excerpt from his new book 'Beginners: The Joy and Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning,' Outside contributing editor Tom Vanderbilt takes up surfing as part of an experiment to learn new skills as an adult and discover the benefits of being a grown-up novice

Last winter, when the robotics firm Roam released its latest version of Elevate, a revolutionary exoskeleton promising to boost skiing performance, our writer knew he had to give it a test drive. His analysis: the company's debut product is fun yet flawed—but its vision of a tech-assisted sports future will still blow your mind.

A quarantine backyard ultramarathon. Thousands of protesters on bikes. This year brought the unexpected in countless forms. Here’s who (and what) had the biggest impact on the outdoor world.

Fatigue, writes our columnist, comes in two very different flavors, and fixing each requires a completely different approach

Former Princeton runner Russell Dinkins argues that universities should preserve their "most accessible" sport

Swiss footwear company On Running is betting on it

The disruptions of 2020 mean that there’s an unusually large crop of endurance-related books hitting shelves this fall

Seven pieces that offer sun protection, breathability, and waterproofing—on and off the river

There are more climbing-shoe companies out there than ever before

In the latest installment of Ask a Doctor, Outside's resident physician dives into trends like vinegar shots and Theraguns

After an exhaustive search of the literature, researchers conclude that, well, it's complicated

Three new studies explore iron patches, injections, and dose frequency

Last month the fitness giant tightened its paywall and announced it was recommitting to core users. Here's what has to happen for that to work.

The regulations will allow collegiate runners to market themselves for profit 

When excruciating ankle pain threatened to sideline her ski season, one of our hard-charging editors tried Lazarus Naturals' CBD balm as a last resort. It worked—even though she still doesn't know how.

These items kept our steeds moving and our riders happy

Running is simple, but the basics are important

Whether we needed another documentary about the disgraced cyclist is up for debate, but 'Lance' is an entertaining look at the saga—and wait until you hear what he says about Floyd Landis

Patagonia's Nano-Air line works for almost any adventure, thanks to its rare combination of durability, stretch, and breathability

Most endurance events are canceled for the summer, but Spartan Race will hold its first event since the pandemic from June 13 to 14 in Florida

Sitka makes top-quality products for time outside, regardless of your preferred activity

The books, movies, podcasts, music, and more that our editors couldn’t stop talking about

Beth Rodden opens up about her decades-long struggle with her body and climbing

Anna Levesque uses yoga to slow down and fight self-doubt

This simple piece of gear will keep you fit—and from punching holes in the walls—during quarantine

Vasu Sojitra didn't let an amputation stop him from skiing or climbing. Now he's turning his attention to advocacy.

Hemmed between the Oregon and Washington border, this windy water-sports mecca has something for everyone. Add it to your list of adventures worth waiting for.

As the sport is poised to enter the Olympics, a veteran climbing writer delves into its past in 'High Drama: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Competition Climbing'

On going back to the mountains after a traumatic accident

Flouting the law is in our blood, but for the time being, caution equals caring

Four recent books explore other moments in the past 100 years when global events intersected with the Games

The ice climber, kayaker, and paraglider continues to explore uncharted territories into his fifties

Outside's go-to physician, Dr. Brian Cole, weighs in on anxiety, headaches, and poor posture, in his Ask a Doctor column

Why a lifelong outdoor adventurer couldn't resist the siren song of fairways and greens

Follow this routine to keep your hips happy, reduce pain, improve athletic performance, and prevent further injury

After tireless testing, these were our favorites under $150

After a long day on the slopes, your body deserves a little après of its own