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Recent studies suggest that walking the webbing may boost balance, speed rehab, and keep your knees injury-free

Want to perform like a pro, even with the years piling up? Nick Heil got the deluxe treatment at Exos, a cutting-edge outfit that works with NFL players and soccer stars. He came out slimmer, stronger, and more focused—the perfect upgrade for anybody, at any age, who plays hard in the outdoors.

Pro skier Sage Cattabriga-Alosa lets us in on his preseason training hacks

Up your fat-tire game with these tips from eight of the sport’s very best

Jumping rope is for serious athletes, and a weighted, travel-friendly set is for serious rope jumpers

The top three mistakes and how to fix them

To simulate the unpredictability of your sport, add elements of randomness—and downright chaos—to your exercise regimen

Boost reaction time and reduce clumsiness on the field with these expert moves.

Stop that lawnmower! Your urban backyard is packed with hidden performance-enhancing plants that can be tossed together to make an ancestral wonder meal.

Keri Herman only started skiing seriously in her senior year of college. Now she's an Olympian. Here's how she turned her late start into a competitive advantage.

The Super Bowl virgin on running hills, eating yogurt, and guarding Revis Island.

Want to undo the damage of your desk job in 10 minutes? Crawl like a kid and start spinning like a Sufi monk.

It’s not just for elite athlete. Training alone—in the right dose—will make you a faster and more resilient athlete.

Specializing in one sport will take you only so far. To really break through, you'll need to branch out.

Make those nebulous resolutions last by turning them into habits. The key? The right reward.

Fact-checking trusted training maxims

Meet Chloe Kim, a snowboarding prodigy who threw her first backflip off a natural feature at age six. Next up: Aspen's X Games.

Strength is useless if you don't hone your agility—the skill of translating power into meaningful movement. And it all starts with mastering the "Kong vault."

More than 76 years ago, a visionary Australian coach had an epiphany that forged a generation of super-athletes: true fitness is all about translating fear into raw power.

One of the most surprising heroes of World War II was a pint-sized shepherd nicknamed The Clown—and his fitness wisdom can change your life.

When a longtime triathlete took on a Kokoro camp—a beyond-extreme fitness challenge modeled on the Navy's Hell Week for SEAL candidates—his first question was purely about the pain: Can I survive this? The second was more metaphysical: Should I even want to?

The two-time Olympian will lead the women’s national squad to the 2015 World Cup—and share her secrets to unleashing athletic potential.

More pain quest than workout, misogi is the secret, punishing ritual that has revolutionized Atlanta Hawks supershooter Kyle Korver's game. You have time for this—if it doesn't kill you first.

Examining the perpetual youth and singular talent of surfing's king

We don't know if the biohacking craze is full of snake-oil salesmen or prophets. Probably a little of both.

I hear the whole stunt-man thing is a great workout. Is it worth incorporating into my routine?

Face it, most of us aren't complete athletes. We lack the strength to make us fit, and we follow cultlike exercise programs. But there is a cure: Listen to renegade coach Mark Rippetoe, grab a barbell, and get back to basics.

A handful of years ago Rachel Brathen was a cigarette-smoking, rebellious teen in Sweden. Then she moved to Costa Rica, found yoga, booted up Instagram, and became a yoga celebrity—if there is such a thing.

Will leaping fiery hay bales amount to nothing more than an adrenaline-fueled fad? Or could it one day become an Olympic sport? That all depends on what comes next.

I like to exercise in the afternoon or evening, but I often feel too tired to motivate myself. Could a quick rest help?

Challenge your friends to a grueling drill-based challenge, then whoop their butts.

Sure, running five minutes a day will help you live longer, but it's not going to get you in shape—or even scrape the surface of your potential.

Think you're ready for the world's longest stand-up paddleboard race? We'll be the judge.

Your legs are your foundation. With this quick-paced routine, you'll build the explosiveness and durability to conquer any mountain.

Some people might be built for speed and others for distance, but everyone benefits from running faster. This is how you do it.

Don't listen to the headlines—you need more than seven hours of sleep to play hard.

In The Art of Competition, Ironman-turned-author Mark Allen gives insight into the thoughts that helped him race his fastest while living to the fullest.

Featuring two of the most effective but underrated fitness tools: a medicine ball and gravity.

1,800 CrossFit gyms already offer programs for kids. Should they?

The "eight-percent rule" ignores the power exercise has to counter time spent on your butt.

Hardrock veteran Kirk Apt has logged 2,010 miles and 680,000 feet of vertical ascent through the San Juan Mountains since 2000. Here's how.

Serious careers? Check. Committed to their families? Check. Able to beat the pros at their own game? You know it. Five hard-charging desk jocks who manage to do it all share the secrets of their success.

Most CrossFit affiliates across the country welcome out-of-towners who want to take part in the workout of the day—or WOD—making any vacation into a possible CrossFit vacation. But if you’re looking for a trip that specifically caters to people who like to spend their free time doing burpees, snatches, ring…

That magic threshold is, well, bogus. And we've known it for years. So why are we still so obsessed with logging 10,000 hours of deliberate practice?

Virtual reality is just for gamers. But augmented reality—a new wearable technology—could revolutionize how we train for sports, making athletes faster, better, and more precise.

Vitamin B12 shots have been around for years, and they’re often marketed as a miracle cure for everything from fatigue to depression to those stubborn extra pounds you can’t shake. And while it’s true that a B12 deficiency can contribute to those things, there is…

An Ohio CrossFit affiliate says an academic study got stats about injury rates in the popular workout program wrong. And it’s suing the researchers behind the data. Should science be scared?

The Marathon superstar knows all the right—and wrong—moves required to win a race. Here's his game plan following the starting gun.

If you’re lining up in the marathon corral without having used starting blocks, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice.

If you’re looking to get zen in the USA with some sun salutations and downward dogs, here are a few places you should try. White Lotus Foundation Retreat Center Santa Barbara, CaliforniaFor the yogi looking to hone his or her practice Every year, the…

Called the purest form of climbing, deep-water soloing (DWS) is free rock climbing practiced on sea cliffs, lakeside ledges, or climbing walls above pools. In deep-water soloing, water serves as the safety net. In deep-water soloing, water is your safety net. “It’s an exciting type of climbing; usually you can’t…

How to take care of your body as an aging athlete

Teaching your kids the basic physical skills they’ll need is child’s play, literally. Start improving their coordination, strength, balance, and more with these five games.

Increase your hip flexibility and take your upper body and core strength to the next level

Nike claims to solve hygiene and slippage problems with its new Studio Wrap, but the slipper-like shoe could compromise your connection with the mat

Testing out the kid-friendly SlackRack. Photo: Gibbon Slacklines With their low center of gravity and natural ability to live fearlessly in the present, most kids are quick studies on the slackline. Just look at 14-year-old Alex Mason, who won the inaugural slackline competition…

Fine-tune your fitness with balance and agility exercises. Here's how.

A recent New York Times Magazine story titled "How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body" caused a stir last week, claiming that certain aspects of yoga were too risky for the general population. So should you avoid the fitness routine if you're not a serious athlete?

Good balance is critical for conquering difficult rides. The first step to better balance is being able to keep your body mass centered while reacting to adverse terrain. Use these simple drills to improve your body’s stability: Ate Standing Balance – Pedal and come to a complete stop. See how…

Will caveman calisthenics be the next big thing for adventure athletes?

Without agility, working out is just bodybuilding.

What are the best exercises to improve balance for surfing? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico

Build Power, Not Bulk The Pillars of Fitness To get in peak shape try out all four parts of our comprehensive series. IF YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING our Pillars of Fitness series (“Building a Base,” March, and “Speed Up,” May), congratulations. By now you’ve dedicated yourself to sustainable, year-round conditioning…

What exercises can I do to develop explosive speed for high level tennis? How often should they be performed to gain maximum benefit? Martin St. Louis, Missouri

Keira Newton, of Dynamic Kettlebell Fitness in Santa Fe, NM, demonstrates some basic and advanced kettlebell exercises. Keira Newton Keira Newton Basic Kettlebell Workout…

The 12 most common, performance-defeating fitness mistakes, and how to fix them

Put down that dumbell and pay attention: Your eyes need training, too. Upgrade this all-important organ with our complete guide to better vision.

No time? No equipment? No excuses. Our experts kick your training into overdrive with customized 30-minute workouts for every harried athlete. travel smarter, go faster, dress better, eat right, work less, and play more.

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