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It has great support, a table, and a spot for your favorite beverage

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Sean MacCormac says the keys to his success are ballet and breathing through the panic

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A quick stretch and exercise to release runner's knee pain and start improving your knee health.

Scientists are increasingly skeptical of the benefits of flexibility, but the fitness world doesn’t want to hear it

Follow this yoga routine, in addition to your time on the slope, to improve and maintain your strength and flexibility all season long

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Credit-card mileage programs are as confusing as they are enticing, with rules, add-ons, and fine print that's always changing. Here's how to make them work for you.

Frequent fliers spend a lot of energy trying to avoid long layovers. But with these tips, the right attitude, and a bit of ingenuity, you can turn your layover into another adventure.

The popular self-massage devices have a devoted following, but the evidence for their benefits is murky

Laird Hamilton's rules for preventive maintenance

The simple system is all you need for an effective full-body workout

Your calendar is your new best friend

Lower back pain can be persistent and difficult to fix. These yoga poses can help.

Researchers explore the psychology of running injuries

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Don't overlook the most important part of your training cycle

These are the stretchiest, most comfortable jeans we've ever worn

An otherwise fit 42-year-old, I had the range of motion of a sycamore.

The (surprisingly affordable) tools they use to build strength, power, and stability

The case for rethinking one of cycling's oldest and most misused components

John and Jen Kimmich, creators of Heady Topper Double IPA, break down all that goes into starting a successful microbrewery

Mastering ground movement—crawling, rolling, and standing—is a vitally important, often overlooked aspect of becoming a well-rounded, injury-free mountain athlete

This three-minute routine will make you faster and stronger and help keep you injury-free

Developing flexibility is just as important as developing strength. Here are the best moves to make you a healthier, more efficient all-around athlete.

Breaking down the latest research and what it means for every kind of runner

Different parts of our body seem to talk to and influence each other, even when they are far apart and—one might think—unconnected

The right moves make you faster and more resilient. Here's how to get the most important part of your training routine right.

Flow yoga takes on a whole new meaning when it's the suds that are flowing

You can do this yoga-meets-wrestling series of movements anywhere, with results that put the weight machines to shame

I just had surgery after a skiing accident, and my wrist is in a cast for several weeks. What can I do to avoid losing strength while I can't move it?

Make those nebulous resolutions last by turning them into habits. The key? The right reward.

Fact-checking trusted training maxims

Take up yoga. Or at least give it a try.

Strength is useless if you don't hone your agility—the skill of translating power into meaningful movement. And it all starts with mastering the "Kong vault."

For years, it seemed like drug testers would never get ahead of cheaters. The Russian bribery scandal raises an even scarier possibility: the testers are dirty too.

Examining the perpetual youth and singular talent of surfing's king

I know that proper form while I'm working out is important, but what about my posture the rest of the day—does that really impact my fitness level?

We don't know if the biohacking craze is full of snake-oil salesmen or prophets. Probably a little of both.

Convince the computer you're clean and you get the Clean Protocol program's seal of approval. Any takers?

Face it, most of us aren't complete athletes. We lack the strength to make us fit, and we follow cultlike exercise programs. But there is a cure: Listen to renegade coach Mark Rippetoe, grab a barbell, and get back to basics.

A handful of years ago Rachel Brathen was a cigarette-smoking, rebellious teen in Sweden. Then she moved to Costa Rica, found yoga, booted up Instagram, and became a yoga celebrity—if there is such a thing.

As patients jettison insurance plans for concierge care, some are looking to optimize their fitness level along with their health.

Sure, running five minutes a day will help you live longer, but it's not going to get you in shape—or even scrape the surface of your potential.

Ingenious tips from essential wellness books

Some people might be built for speed and others for distance, but everyone benefits from running faster. This is how you do it.

Don't listen to the headlines—you need more than seven hours of sleep to play hard.

In The Art of Competition, Ironman-turned-author Mark Allen gives insight into the thoughts that helped him race his fastest while living to the fullest.

1,800 CrossFit gyms already offer programs for kids. Should they?

There's more to life than chasing definition in certain muscle groups. Maintaining a healthy weight, for instance.

Elevate your practice with a new kit.

The "eight-percent rule" ignores the power exercise has to counter time spent on your butt.

Studies show less flexible runners are more economical, but there are other reasons to stretch

In an age of whiz-bang techno-training, it’s way too easy to lose track of what made us fit in the first place: quality movement, good food, and high-intensity common sense.

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